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QR Codes

KEYS Website Is Smart Phone Compatible

This image is a QR Code - QR is short for Quick Response. They are used to link information from a piece of media to your mobile device.

How QR Codes Work:

1 - Search for a FREE "QR Code Reader" in the app store of your mobile device - no need to pay for a QR Code app with so many FREE ones available!

2 - Using your mobile device and your QR Code Reader, scan the QR code.

3 - QR code software within the app extracts the encoded information.

4 - The QR codes provided by KEYS will contain website information which can be accessed from your mobile device to provide you with direct access to the topic being discussed.

Try scanning the logo on the top of this page, your QR Code Reader app should point you to - which is smart phone compatible!

Start scanning and get connected today!