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Calling Us Is Now Much Easier and More Convenient

Keys Energy Services' (KEYS) TELELINK telephone call system allows you to quickly report a power outage, inquire about or pay your energy bill, update your account information, and find out other information about our programs and services – day or night, seven days a week – via telephone!

You can continue to access these great features online at, but now the power of convenience is just a phone call away!

Power Outages: Using the outage reporting system, customers can:

Pay By Phone: The new system will also permit you to:

We Need Your Help: The TELELINK system works best when the telephone number you are calling from to report an outage or pay your bill by phone is the same as the one that is reflected in your account. By taking the time to update your information now, you will ensure a faster, more accurate response from KEYS.

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